Mexican Free Tail Bats are a serious nuisance in Houston. Nesting in eaves and under shingles, they can cause a tremendous smell and potentially spread diseases. We are BAT FRIENDLY and do not harm the bats with the organic FIFRA 25b exempt products we use to gently coax the bats out of the buildings.
We specialize in bat removal from Apartment buildings, homes, warehouses and trees!
No unsightly nets, plastic bags or plastic pipes used for exclusion devices hanging from your buildings.

Our exclusive organic bat repellant products ​​deodorize, absorb and help breakdown nasty bat droppings quickly to eliminate odor. We also treat Bat Bugs associated with bat infestations now! Similar in appearance to bedbugs, bat bugs will feed on humans when their population gets large enough or when the bats leave the area. We frequently see bat bug infestations with bat colonies.
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