Call for details about our organic "GREEN" treatment using certified organic botanical dusts, liquids and amorphous silica, most of which are classified as minimum risk by the EPA!

Why throw away your mattress when you have bedbugs?​
No need to throw away furniture! No one recommends throwing away your cabinets when you have roaches.  ​​There are several organic products that work great on bedbugs and are labeled for treating mattresses. Most synthetic pesticides are too toxic to treat mattresses! While every bedbug infestation is different, most furniture and beds can be saved with proper treatments.

We reccomend against D.I.Y. Treatments! Bug bombs and insect foggers are typically pyrethrum, a product that all bedbugs and most cockroaches have become resistant to. ​Many pesticides simply push the bedbugs into their deep hiding places where they wait until it is safe to come out. When they finally do come out, they are hungry and often accompanied by many, many hungry offspring! It took DDT and other hazardous pesticides to wipe out bedbugs in the United States back in the mid 1950s. Dollar store products and Brand X aerosol sprays are not likely to control bedbugs on a long term basis. 
Drop Dead Pest Control Bedbug Preparation Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines as our treatment is different from other treatments you may have read about​​. Your cooperation is important!
Things to do:
1) Strip everything off all the beds. We want nothing on the beds.​​
2) ​Remove plastic from mattress and boxspring. True bedbug covers should not be removed.
3) Remove dust ruffle from boxspring.
4) Remove everything from under bed including shoes, toys and carboard.
5)​ Use soap to clean bedbug dirt and blood from walls and ceiling.
6) ​Clean ​​excess clutter from floors.
7) Vacuum prior to treatment.​
8) Open sofa beds and remove sheets.
9) Remove pets. Cover aquariums.
10) Put away food prior to treatment.
11) Strip baby bed and cribs.
12) remove toys, computer, clothes and bedding from sofas and chairs.​​​​​

Things not to do:​​
1) Do not throw away mattresses or furniture! This is unnecessary!
2) Do Not move mattresses or furniture away from walls.
3) Do not take mattress off bed frame or lean against the wall​​​.
4) Do not treat with pesticides prior to our arrival. Clean up pesticide powder.
5) Do not ​​pile everything in center of rooms.
6) Do not throw bedding into closet.
7) Do not take everything out of closet.​​
8) Do not take bed, furniture or sofa apart, do not turn furniture upside down.​
9) Do not pull carpet back or cut open mattresses.
​​10) Do not wait for us to arrive. We do not give a specific treatment time. You must leave before we begin to treat.

We use a variety of organic products. Please Plan to be out of the residence for 30-45 minutes. After treatment, place all bedding and clothes in dryer for 30 minutes on hot. ​​
Our  bedbug treatment is very different from many other pest control companies do for bedbngs. Our guidelines for preparation are specifically designed for the special custom organic service we provide. The closer you follow our guidelines, the better our treatment will work.
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Bedbug Information and Guidelines