Bedbugs are a serious problem! Blood spots on sheets, fecal stains on walls and mattresses! Bedbugs are so tiny, they can be found almost anywhere in a home.
Bedbugs are resistant to most synthetic pesticides. Bedbugs will hide deeper in harborage and simply wait out the wrong pesticide or application. They are cryptic in nature and are built to survive.
Bedbug infestations that are treated soon after discovery are fairly easy to kill but if you wait for months trying to treat yourself, you may end up with a serious nightmare infestation that is hard for even the professionals to control!  Call today!       
Above: 100's of dead bedbugs! Below: bedbug filth on walls.
Low cost, effective bedbug control! Organic products work fabulous on bedbugs and give quick knockdown!
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"GREEN" treatment using organic, botanical dusts and liquids that are classified as Minimum Risk and EXEMPT by the EPA!
We are the BEDBUG KINGS!
 Bedbugs can be found in Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Homes, Retail, Moving Trucks, Mobile Homes, Offices, Dorms, Furniture Rental Stores, Buses, Movie Theaters, Restaurants!
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We do not require tenants to throw away furniture or mattresses! It doesn't help and just makes your tenants poor! We don't require you to pull carpet, electrical outlets or baseboards, either. Our crack and crevice treatment allows us to treat where ever the bedbugs are living.
    Bedbug fecal matter on boxspring
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