Beekeeper on staff. Prior to my career in pest control, I was a semi-pro beekeeper with 250 hives of bees. Schoppe Honey Farms sold our product to Health Food Stores and to several large Food Distribution Companies.

In 1983, I did my first pest control job for bees and have done over 25,000 bee service calls since then. ​​Licensed and Insured for your protection.

Tear out services, while usually unnecessary, are available on request for an additional fee. ​​More important, the area must be thoroughly sealed with a good quality caulk such as DAP Alex Plus Clear, which is a paintable 25yr caulk. Bathroom or white painter's caulk will crack and allow bees back into the old nest site in as little as 6 months.

​​**The key to ending bee infestations long term is to properly seal the area, not remove the old nest.**

Wasps​​ can be a dangerous pest and are more common during warmer months. Let us rid your home of these pests and remove their unsightly nests.

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