Rodents can be a serious infestation and lead to a nasty health problem due to their urine and droppings. Rats and Mice can destroy property, contaminate your food, countertops and dishes, as well as give you a serious scare when one runs out from under a cabinet or stove. Don't delay! Rodents breed quickly and can infest your home or garage, causing you anxiety.

Drop Dead Pest Control uses modern rodent baits which carry an EPA "CAUTION" Signal Word, which means the bait is not a true poison. We can also do rodent trapping!

We also offer SEAL UP SERVICES to ​​eliminate future rodent infestations. It does no good to treat or even trap the rodents if the entry holes are left open. Often there is a hole around the chimney, eave or air conditioner that is allowing rodents access. If left open, other rodents in the neighborhood will find the entry and the problem will persist. Often, sealing up the house is as simple as a can of Great Stuff Foam applied to the hole. It's easy to work with and can be trimmed and painted to look like it is part of the house. We also recommend and use DAP Alex Plus Clear caulk.
​​Modern rodenticides, when used properly, usually do not cause rats to die in the attic. Experience shows us that dead rat odor is rare, although it usually happens a couple times per year on a small percentage of the rodent jobs we do. When this happens, we can always de-odorize the area even if we are not successful in finding the dead rat. There are professional deodorization products that do a fine job at eliminating, not just covering up, dead rat odor. Even over the counter products you can find at most retailers work well. Fabreeze, Odo-Ban, Oust!, AirWick Nuetra-Air, even white vinegar and baking soda are often all that is required for the do it yourselfer to solve the odor issue.
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