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The original since 1983

Serving the Greater Houston Area 

With 40 years in the Pest Control Industry, we've seen nearly everything imaginable. Let us help you solve your Pest Control problems.

TDA TPCL NO: 0567865




Apartment Properties

Organic Pest Control

Handy Man Services

Warehouse and Manufacturing

We offer extensive service and experience for all of your Pest Control needs!

Organic and Non-Toxic Treament for nearly every Pest!

We offer general household repair and help. Leave the honey-do-list to us! 

We offer comprehensive rodent, roach, and animal pest control for warehouse spaces.

Residential Homes

Animal Trapping

If you have a bug problem or want to prevent one from ever developing, give us a call and set up an appointment!

Noises in attic? We offer humane animal removal!

Office Buildings


Looking to prevent or elimate a pest issue around the office? We offer discreet and effective pest control treatment.

Whether you're in dire need of service or just want a preventative treatment. We can schedule and complete work quickly and quietly!

Esther N. 

“I found some snakes in my backyard. I have never screamed so much in my life. Roy called immediately and sent Josh over. Very reasonable prices were quoted and I ended up setting up a quarterly with them. Valuable work, very professional and friendly. They understood my fears and have definitely made my backyard more comfortable for me and my dogs. I am so grateful to these guys. Josh even worked in my garage and backyard shed. And the smell of the products were very nice and safe for my dogs. Thank you guys. Highly recommend"

Nathaniel L.

"It was great. They did a thorough treatment of the house, and they offered a 1-year warranty which really increased my confidence in their service."

Ben K.

“I've been using this guy for years. He does a great job and explains exactly what he is doing. He is a professional at what he does and is truely interested in taking care of our problems. And not just a guy with a spray bottle walking around our house. He takes pride in his work and is creative about finding solutions. My only complaint is he is sometimes late and missed an appointment once. But was polite and prompt about a re-shedule. And I understand why he can get behind in a day. He's not working my house on the clock rather he's working the solution.”


We use a variety of non-toxic chemicals and products that are EPA FIFRA 25b compliant which are generally regarded as safe

Apartments - Warehouses - Hotels - Offices

Roaches, Fleas, and Spiders

We specialize in "Clean Out" treatments, but we also offer treatment on Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and an Annual basis.


We utilize our 40 years of experience to provide a legal and effective treatment of rodents in your most troublesome units!

Flying Insects

We got our start doing pest control for Bees. We have considerable experience in eliminating flying insects.


We offer a comprehensive service for a near unbeatable industry price!

Bats and Birds

We are bat friendly! Licensed and insured for your protection! We offer bird repellent installation services.

Animals and Snakes

We offer humane trapping for cats, raccoons, possums, and most other animals. We also offer snake removal and repellent services.

Our work
Houston skyline in the afternoon with Memorial Park in foreground in Texas.jpg


We are a family business started by Robert Schoppe in March of 1983. The company is now owned and operated by his children, Roy and Amanda Schoppe. 

We are a fully licensed and insured company. We treat for Bedbugs, Roaches, Rats, Bats, Mice, Spiders, Fleas, Bees, Wasps, Moths, Squirrels, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Snakes, Feral Pigs, Coyotes, Raccoons, Possums, Skunks, and any other pest issue you may have.

We also offer a variety of residential handyman services like Gutter Cleaning, Household repairs, Furniture Assembly, Tree Trimming, and Landscaping.​

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Need a visit?

1127 Adams St

Missouri City, TX 77489

Tel: 281-261-6934



Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm​​

Click here to schedule a service request!
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